How Milkwhale’s Infographic Helps Carl Cheo Get More Traffic And Backlinks

Let’s meet Carl. Carl is our client.

He is a software developer who is passionate about technology. He has a great blog that features software reviews, tools, and apps. Sometimes he writes about PC tips and tricks, as well as tutorials, how-tos, and more.

You’d heard about him before? That’s great! If not, well, now you have.

When he commissioned us it was the first time he created an infographic.

At that time he was going to help his readers learn about programming languages.

He sent us two pages of content that covered everything someone who wanted to learn about programming language would ever need. It was a great piece.

We started working on the project and several days later sent him an initial design that really excited him.

After a week or so, the design process was done, Carl received the final design – which he loved – and he published the infographic on his website.

A few weeks later we got good news from Carl. The programming language infographic was a great success, with over 7k shares and 150k page views in less than 2 weeks.

He’s thrilled, we are happy with his success, and countless readers got the benefit of understanding how to learn programming languages more easily than ever.

This story is one of the case studies that we will publish on our website. Don’t you want to have “The Right Content” to publish on your website and generate tons of backlinks, just like Carl did?

We are proud to successfully help our clients reach their goals, and we strive to stay on track so, as good as we are now, we will continue to become even better.

But, it does not end here for we’d love to help you get The Right Content just as Carl did.

And here’s the infographic that we’ve made for Carl:

Which Programming Language First?

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