How To Create An Infographic That Carries Valuable Information About Bitcoins, And Get Over 90 Unique Backlinks

Bitcoin has seen its ups and downs: from less than a penny at inception to $13 by the end of 201. It then reached its peak at $1,124.76 on November 29, 2013. Despite the volatility and uncertainty of this virtual currency, there are many who love to collect Bitcoins for their unique valuation. Most of us, though don’t really have a good understanding of what Bitcoins are.

For this reason,, in collaboration with Coupofy, did extensive research and provided Milkwhale a list of Bitcoin facts to be organized and shared as an infographic. is a vibrant R&D hub located in the tropical island of Bali backed by, and Coupofy is the first startup in their portfolio.

Coupofy provides coupons or discount codes from thousands of store using Bitcoins as one of their payment options.

One of many benefits of creating an infographic is to achieve viral distribution, but did more than that. As Bitcoins are huge in Europe since the fall of Greece, tapped into their vast network in Europe to share their infographic.

Translation was done collectively into several languages as follow:






Harsha Kiran, co-founder of, told us that the infographic got them over 90 backlinks, 450 mentions and 350 tweets that generated more than 4,000 visitors in 4 weeks.

Getting tons of backlinks is one of the primary benefits of creating an infographic, and we are more than happy to hear of these great results since it appears that has cracked the way to build backlinks with over 90 of them from just one infographic.

More detailed studies of what it takes for an infographic to get more backlinks can be found here.

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Here’s the infographic that we made for Coupofy:

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