Untold Secrets to Instagram Marketing, How To to Make Your Product Rank Higher in 9 Days

First time doing e-commerce is indeed scary for most marketers. It is not the fear of being scammed, it is the fear of failing to make a good brand image through digital media. Not to mention that brands in Google’s first page are hard to outrank.

There’s another chance to get a good brand image through social media. Social media marketing is an effective way to get a good brand imaging, but which social media is the best?

You don’t need to worry anymore because selfstartr.com has done a research in finding out which social media is better for e-commerce: Instagram or Facebook.

Presenting research result in a paper document is just boring. So, selfstartr.com wanted to stand out by converting it into an infographic.

Selfstartr.com is a website providing articles and case-studies, mostly about e-commerce. They understand that e-commerce is a rising star in the business world. They decided to share their knowledge about it through infographics; and it is effective.

The infographic was published in two separate posts: one is the infographic along with Ariel Rule’s article and the other one is only the infographic. In total, both infographics have been shared for more than 2,000 times in just a couple of days.

We are proud to be a part of this project and we are definitely excited to having you as a part of our success stories!

Get An Infographic!

Here’s the infographic that we made for selfstartr.com:


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