Run a photo
Run a video
Run an idea/
essay contest
Update your cover
photos dynamically
Let your fans send branded
e-cards to their friends
Boost fan interactivity/
Transform your page
into a fresh feed of 'live'
social content
Create a text or visual
quiz to engage your fans
Show off all your
products & services
Customize all your
online videos in an
interactive video galery
Display pictures in a
multi-purpose interactive
photo gallery
Encourage fans to reach
you easily with the Contact Us/
Feedback/FAQ app
Run surveys to understand
the consumer mindset
Introduce all your product
offers with limited periodity
and reminders
Reward fans with
downloadable goodies
with the Fan Reward app
Reward fans
who have met a certain
criteria with the
Unlock Offers app
Link up with Paypal
and encourage
single-click purchasing
Run surveys to understand
the consumer mindset
Recruit fans to be your
loyal mystery shopper
Do More
Instagram into your
Facebook app
Use the Social Central
app to create a one-stop
shop for all your social
Create a fans-only privileged
Social Club and convert the
fanbase into a collaboration
Why Us?
For a Peace of Mind

We have built over 200+ application
solutions in just two years for
multi-national brands like Unilever,
IBM and Nescafe across the globe

For a Stress-Free

We have absolute efficiency!
We do it all:

  • App consulting + design
  • Building + implementation
  • Customer management
    system for every app
  • Hosting & maintenance
For our tireless love for

Our deep technical expertise enables us to
perfect our art, and gives us the flexibility to
create cutting-edge social solutions for our
clients every time

For a friendly face
anytime, anywhere
  • We are a great team to work with
  • We understand your need for
  • We believe in delivering solutions
    we can be proud of
  • Work with us!