Benefits of Polarized Glass Infographic

Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses are glasses that contain vertically polarized filters that counter reflected sunlight from reflective surfaces like water or car windows. Polarized glasses have been used for decades by people who require clear vision to perform their sports. Read on below to check the nifty benefits of polarized glasses.

Reduce Glare

Polarized lenses reduce or remove glare so that vision is not impaired.

Enhance Contrast

Polarized lenses enhance contrast and color perception, which helps improve vision. Colors appear bolder and brighter through polarized lenses.


Clarity of vision is a benefit of polarized lenses. This can be attributed to the enhanced depth perception and visual accuracy that these lenses provided.

Light Sensitivities

Polarized lenses are beneficial for people with light sensitivities. These lenses reduce the strain of computer screens and televisions on sensitive eyes.

Reduce Eyestrain

Polarized lenses reduce stress on the eyes that can lead to more serious vision problems. Reduced glare and visual clarity allow the eye to relax.

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