Finding The Best States for Incorporation Infographic

Finding the Best States for Incorporation

1. Wyoming

  • $100 basic corporation filing
  • Pro-privacy and extremely low taxation
  • Imposes only minimal annual fee of $50
  • Most hassle-free and low expense corporation state in the nation
  • Non-profit tax research group, the Tax Foundation voted Wyoming “the most business-friendly tax system of any state”

2. Nevada

  • $75 basic corporation filing
  • Traditionally pro- privacy and low-tax
  • No information sharing agreement with the IRS
  • Minimal reporting and disclosure obligations upon owners and managers
  • Nevada carries only a slightly higher ongoing cost compared to Wyoming

3. Delaware

  • $89 basic corporation filing
  • Best choice for owners that want to take their company all the way to Wall Street
  • Annual franchise tax can be confusing
  • Great privacy protections with familiar, sensible laws

4. Montana

  • $70 minimum corporation filing
  • Low taxes, fees and reporting burdens

5. Florida

  • $70 basic corporation filing
  • Best website and online services in the nation – offers a searchable database of documents
  • Filings can be done online in seconds

6. New Mexico

“Invisible LLC” – a New Mexico LLC that does not require any public disclosure of either officers or owners–the most private LLC available in the US


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