Introducing Newdirt Infographic

Introducing New Dirt

The New Way of Commercial Information Exchange
When it comes to matching the right buyers with the right sellers, the commercial real estate market is behind the times. NewDirt provides a one-of-a-kind solution to the commercial real estate market by matching sites from sellers to the site criteria of buyers for an easier, faster, more efficient way of doing business.

How do we do it?

Not the old way

Before the web, Multiple List Services (MLS) was how sellers communicated listing information. Besides being outdated, this model neglected the unique needs of the commercial real estate market.

  • Published weekly and locally
  • Focused on the needs of residential real estate agents
  • Little energy expended on the commercial side of the real estate business
  • Over 2 inches thick
  • Ineffective, weak tool for commercial agents
  • Paper waste causes deforestation

Not the current way

Commercial Information Exchanges (CIE) and LoopNet
Spends a lot of time looking for a site for a client
Web-based technology supported browsing and searching approach
It usually goes like this :

  • Agent uploads their listing on a site
  • Seller/ agent waits for a buyers response
  • Buyer/ buyer’s agent searches for sites
  • Buyer/ buyer’s agent may never see sellers site

The New Dirt way

Consistent formats make it easy to review, evaluate and act
Say goodbye to endless e-mail blasts, pamphlets, flyers, brochures and cold calls
Approach/ steps :

  • Listing agent uploads their information
  • Puts the information in NewDirt
  • Matches buyer’s criteria
  • Result comes out based on matches
  • Seller chooses buyer to submit their site

Why New Dirt?

NewDirt makes submitting sites to leading brands easier. We bring structure and efficiency to the site submittal process. Over one-hundred leading retail, restaurant, and lodging brands have chosen to share their site criteria, geographic interests and review sites submitted all on NewDirt.

For seller

Commercial Real Estate (brokers, owners, and developers)

  • Sells directly to buyer
  • The information is perfectly safe
  • Chooses which matches to submit
  • Instantly sends the submittal to the buyer/ agent

For buyer

  • Target (retail and restaurant)
  • Easy to review submittals
  • Matches your desired criteria
  • Saves time and money
  • Contact sellers via NewDirt

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