It’s Time to Go Mobile Infographic

It’s Time to Go Mobile

According to MobiThinking®, at the end of 2011, there were 6 billion mobile subscribers world-wide. By the end of
2016, there will be 8 billion mobile subscribers. In other words, a mobile phone or device for nearly every person on the planet, accessing the Internet.

In 2011

  • Smartphones sold 472 million and sales went up by 58%.
  • Tablets sold 73.3 million and about 25.5% share of the mobile PC market.

Mobile Usage

  • Mobile subscribers outnumber fixed by 5:1.
  • Mobile broadband outnumbers fixed by 2:1.
  • 17% of the global population (about 1.2 billion) active mobile-broadband subscriptions have been activated in 2011.
  • Top 3 countries with active mobile broadband subscriptions: Korea, Japan, and Sweden.

Reaching mobile consumers

  • 63% Search as a result of offline ads such as TV, magazine, billboards.
  • 87% Click on mobile ads.
  • 59% Look only at first page of search results on phone.

General mobile use

  • 52% Own a smartphone.
  • 54% Search on their mobile phone daily.
  • 65% Access the Internet daily.

Mobile shopping:

  • 94% Research a produst or service on a smartphone.
  • 28% Make a purchase on a smartphone.
  • 22% Change minds about buying in-store as a result of searching.

Smartphone Usage

  • 48% Use smartphones while watching TV.
  • 80% Use a smartphone while consuming other media.
  • 46% Use a smartphone while listening to music.

Mobile payments, commerce, and retail

People make ourchase after searching on:

  • 79% In-store
  • 74% Mobile
  • 59% PC
  • 35% Smartphone
  • 27% Mobile site
  • 22% Mobile app

Mobile Financial Service

  • Much more than purchases and growing fast!
  • Banking and money transfers are the most popular, especially local and internatiol person-to-person money transfers.
  • This is more popular than banking especially in developing countries where there are “unbanked” populations.

Mobile Marketing & Advertising

In Australia, 87% of consumers click on mobile ads! (Source: Insider’s Guide to Mobile Marketing in Australia, MobiThinking®). But only 28% make a purchase with a smartphone, compared to 49% globally. Why is this? According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, this is because only 25% of websites are optimised for mobile. Think of the market share you can capture by going mobile!

How web optimization for mobile affects your business

  • 42% Click on a mobile ad
  • 35% Visit the site
  • 32% Search for more information
  • 49% Make a purchase
  • 27% Call the business

Mobilising your website

  • Mobile-friendly domain name strategy gets it right from the start.
  • Managed CMS platforms help reach your audience anywhere, in any format.
  • Improves conversion rate, maximising the potential of your mobile web.
  • Mobile website optimisation pulls in more customers.

Best practices for creating mocontent

  • Be content-concise
  • Simple navigation; minimize scrolling, keep it vertical
  • Catchy design! Landing page is the most important! Remember, 59% of consumers look ONLY at the first page of search results
  • Page size matters; crunch images
  • Think tap, not click
  • Accessible across all mobile devices
  • Make it local
  • Make it easy to buy!
  • Make it seamless across desktop and mobile
  • Create ads specifically for mobile users, make sure they land on a mobile site
  • Create separate mobile campaigns
  • Listen, learn, test, iterate

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