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REACH Compliance and Growth in the Electronics Industry

REACH is a regulation of the European Union to improve the protection of human
health and the environment from the risks of chemicals and promotes alternative
methods for dangerous/ harmful substances. To comply, substances
must be registered and chemical data must follow regulations. All data is current as of September 2012

Not All Suppliers Publish REACH Data Actively

  • 46% Do Not Publish REACH/Chemical Info
  • 54% Publish REACH/Chemical Info
  • 30% Actively Provide REACH Info
  • 24% Do not Actively Provide REACH Info
  • This representation is based on a sample of 851 suppliers from the SiliconExpert Database

Parts Without Actively Published Reach Information

  • 10% Parts without published REACH information
  • 69% Parts with actively published REACH information
  • 21% Parts with some REACH information published
  • Why is Publishing REACH Important? REACH places the “burden of proof” on companies to comply with regulations forcing them to identify and manage substances of risk. Although this is an EU (European Union) regulation it affects multiple members of the supply chain including manufactures, suppliers, importers, and more.

SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern)

Under REACH a substance is a SVHC if it BOTH
meets this list of hazardous categories:

  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMRs)
  • Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic [PBT]
  • Very persistent and very bio-accumulative [vPvB]
  • Equivalent level of concern, such as endocrine disruptors

And has been placed by the REACH Commission on the candidate list of substances considered for authorization.
SVHC Subtances to Date:

October 2008              +15
March 2010                  +13
June 2010                  +8
December 2010          +8
June 2011                  +7
December 2011          +20
June 2012                 +13

  • 84–Current total SVHC Substances Under the REACH Regulation
  • +50–Current total SVHC Proposal Intentions According to ECHA

Top 10 Product Lines Containing SVHCs

Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount        59,444
Capacitor Plastic Film                             23,827
Resistor Networks and Arrays                  18,888
Capacitor Aluminum                               9,002
Capacitor Tantalum Solid                        6,785
Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer                   5,905
Zener Diodes                                        3,003
Capacitor Array                                      2,844
TVS                                                     1,639
Inductor Surface Mount                          1,275

Using a random sample of 141,759 parts with SVHCs

Potential SVHC Substances – Future REACH Projections

Beyond REACH, non-profits such as ChemSec located in Sweeden are actively
identifying potential SVHCs that are not yet recignized by ECHA ,
the governing body of REACH. These potential SVHCs are called
SIN (Substitute it Now) substances and act as a tool to help identify
hazerdous chemicals that fit REACH criteria.

Product Categories Including SIN Substances

Electronic product lines that are most likely affected if all substances on the SIN List are recognized by REACH.

Power Management                  70,765
Discrete                                  69,139
Wire and Cables                      53,041
Linear                                     36,163
Capacitor                                30,593
Resistor                                  25,062
Connector                               23,697
Microcontroller and Processor     23,162
Memory                                  22,902
Standard and Specialty Logic     21,163

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