All You Need to Know About ToGather.Asia

What is ToGather.Asia?

ToGather.Asia is the first Asian crowdfunding platform that enables creative individuals to get their ideas funded by offering rewards for small monetary pledges.

How Does It Work?

  • Have an awesome idea in mind or an ongoing project that needs funding?
  • Sign up and login
  • Start your project
  • Project approval within 24 hours
  • Login and add/edit your rewards!
  • Start campaigning to the World!
  • Success! At the end of your campaign period, money changes hands to you and deliver rewards to your pledgers!
  • Project creators get to keep any amount of money raised, even if funding goal is not reached.*

Keep-what-you-raise Funding Model

*If funding goal is not reached, Project Creator needs to confirm via email that the money raised is enough to fulfill all rewards that were pledged. Otherwise, all money raised will be refunded to all pledgers.

Free to list a project!
Admin fees are 15% of total amount of money raised (including about 3% of Paypal charges)

Maximize Your Chances

  • Be sincere, honest and transparent!
  • Best to have a trailer, prototype, concept art or work-in-progress to present
  • Use our social media tools! Tweet and update your facebook statuses often!
  • Recommended campaign duration is 40 days!
  • Give exciting rewards that involve your pledgers!
  • Set a realistic funding goal of about US$ 5,000
  • Include an explainer video featuring your project and the creators behind
  • Give constant updates about your project to your pledgers!

What’s in It for Project Creators?

  • Marketing tool for greater exposure
  • MUCH cheaper way to raise funds
  • Testing bed for your idea and projects
  • Dedicated page to present your idea
  • Social media tools to reach out more efficiently

What’s in It for Project Pledgers?

  • Exciting rewards!
  • Endless possibilities!
  • Be part of an awesome project! Make history!
  • Fuels your inner passion!
  • Start exploring and inspire yourself with the creations of others!
  • Start your own project too!

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