Video Creation Infographic


From Scrips to Videos

1. If you don’t have a script ready, send us the basic ideas and outlines for your video, or skip this if you already have a script written.
2. We create a script based from your ideas, and then starts a discussion based from the script that we made (3 days unlimited revisions).
3. Once the script is finalized, we will create several still images to visualize it, this enable you to see what’s on our creative imagination. (3 days)
4. Upon your approval, we’ll begin to develop full storyboard in still images. (4 days, 3 revisions)
5. Then we start the animation phase. (5 days, 2 revisions)
6. Ready to roll!

What We Need to Start the Project

  • Script (optional)
  • Background music (optional)
  • Voice over (optional)
  • Logo and images (optional)

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