Case Studies

How To Create An Infographic That Carries Valuable Information About Bitcoins, And Get Over 90 Unique Backlinks

Bitcoin has seen its ups and downs: from less than a penny at inception to $13 by the end of 201. It then reached its peak at $1,124.76 on November 29, 2013. Despite the volatility and uncertainty of this virtual currency, there are many who love to collect Bitcoins for their unique valuation. Most of us, though don’t really… Learn More

How Our Infographic Increases HuffPost Readers’ Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy and live a stress-free life. Well, who doesn’t? Our regular client, Happify, is dedicated to help people do this by having fun activities, regular exercises and games. They continuously research the best way to help people be happier. One of the researches they did is how happiness correlate with your… Learn More

The Story Behind An Infographic That Got Published By And Shared 4,800 Times

It’s been a while since we’ve collaborated on an infographic, but I wanted to let you know that the micromanagement quiz infographic you worked on with us was picked up by Entrepreneur Emily, Content Marketing Manager Our client for today’s case study is, a Mountain View based Project Management SaaS company founded in… Learn More