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Milkwhale is a creative agency with a proven track record & no hassle.
Great and fair pricing, great customer service, and always deliver. I’m always incredibly impressed by how you seem to know exactly what I’m aiming for with our infographics. Michael Inouye, Greylock Partners

Why Infographic? It’s Like Having Our Famous Sea Dwellers, Combined!

Let us explain in whalespeak.

The Giant Clam

Infographic takes complex data or idea, breaks it down, adds in interesting visuals that helps convey the data in a visually engaging manner.

The Tasty Tuna

The small, bite-sized nature of infographic makes it very easy to digest and faster to register. And did we mention yummy as well?

The Mighty Kraken

With those powerful arms and long reach, infographic grabs attention and pulls in traffic, boosting your website’s online presence by driving inbound links and SEO.

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I've worked with Andre and his team on 100s of projects over the last 2 years. He always produced great work in a timely manner. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of infographics, interactive content, explainer videos and any other form of media for content marketing.

Sujan Patel, Internet Marketing Expert (Growth & Content Marketing)

When it comes to infographic design and data visualization, Milkwhale is the best in the business.

Brian Dean,

How We Work

We help you design your content and make it easier to share. It takes around 2-3 days to get you the initial design, depending on the details and our workload.

So you’re thinkin’... “Alright, I’m sold!”
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